Fall colors

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The leaves of our Black Gum (Nyssa sylvatica) also known as Black Tupelo, and the Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum) are signaling a change of seasons.

nyssa sylvatica and taxodium distichum treesThe dark green leaves of the Black Gum are steadily turning a brilliant red.

Nyssa sylvatica leaves in autumnAnd the feathery green leaves of the Bald Cypress are turning shades of bronze and gold.

tTaxoium distichum leaves in autumn

These six-year-old native Kentucky trees add vertical structure and interest to our backyard and the birds use them year around. We thoroughly enjoy the trees in all their phases throughout the year.

Note: I’ve recently started using larger images. Click any photo for a larger version. Also, subscribers should now be receiving emails with full blog post including photographs. I’d appreciate your feedback.

13 thoughts on “Fall colors”

  1. Hi Betty,

    Beautiful pictures. Our trees are changing, too, and I’ve been on a couple of rather spectacular hikes where I felt like I was hiking through a big bowl of Fruit Loops. One of my friends has nicknamed one of our hikes Fruit Loop Mountain. I guess that would only be pertinent in the fall but it works for now! On one hike I was going to take some pictures but my phone wasn’t working right so I missed out. I’ll try to get some pictures for you this week as the leaves are falling fast. I had a friend over yesterday as I was helping her get a foster dog adopted and she noticed your bubble pictures I have framed in my kitchen. So of course I then had to take her to my office to admire the big bubble picture with the big glass bubbles I have hanging by it (and of course the wires are beaded!). She was very impressed and I sent her home with a bubble card that I let her pick from my stash. She is going to frame it and hang it at her house. So your bubbles are making their way through Utah now! I think you need to do a bubble blog here sometime soon so everyone can enjoy them. Not to mention that bubble blog has a good ring to it!

    1. Hmmmmm, Keli, glad to know of your friend’s interest in the bubbles and thanks for the suggestion of doing a ‘bubble blog’. I will definitely consider that.

  2. I like having your blog come up in full on an email. Thanks for adding this feature. Taking one step out of the process makes it that much easier to enjoy!

    Gorgeous fall photos, by the way.

  3. I love your new format too Betty! The image of ‘feathery green leaves of the Bald Cypress’ in this post is so lovely – I can almost feel the delicate texture of the leaves.

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