Backyard bubbles

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I got ‘bubble fever’ after our recent rain showers and learned once again how unpredictable bubbles can be. They often move too fast or burst too quickly for me to photograph them. However, this one on butterfly milkweed (Asclepias tuberosa) cooperated quite nicely.

Bubble on butterfly milkweed

Water drops often cling to the tendrils of passion flower (Passiflora incarnata), and it was fun to see that some bubbles also stayed.

Bubble and passion flower tendril

This one seems to be sitting on a passion flower tendril. I’m fascinated by the various colors and textures, and curious about what causes them.

Bubble on passion flower tendril

All in all, it was magical to watch the bubbles – some floating with the breeze, some landing on nearby objects. None of them lasted very long. They were full of surprises, and brightened my rainy day.

9 thoughts on “Backyard bubbles”

  1. Betty, these photos are just delightful, i really like them and can’t wait to have a go at bubbling! What a clever idea, and what a transformation to a plant tendril !
    ( The last photo).

    1. Pauline, I hope you will have a go at bubbling. It’s great fun with lots of magical moments, most of which are impossible to capture. Ideal weather for me is right after a rain when everything is still wet, or at least high humidity, very little breeze, and overcast skies.

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