A frosty morning

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Winter is not my favorite season. I do not like the cold and I’m tempted to enjoy the garden by looking out the window. However, on a recent frosty morning, with camera in hand, I was reminded again of winter beauty that deserves to be seen up close.

For example, this Virginia Sweetspire leaf (Itea virginica) reminds me of a miniature work of art.

itea virginica leaf and frost

And I was pleasantly surprised that the Highbush Blueberry leaves (Vaccinium corymbosum) were still a beautiful holiday red in December.

Vaccinium corymbosum leaves and frost

These frosted Red Chokeberry fruits (Aronia arbutifolia) look good enough to eat but are actually quite tart. Birds will eat them but only after other berries are gone, which means I can enjoy seeing them in the garden for some time.

Aronia arbutifolia fruit and frost

The heavy frost had transformed the garden and I was glad that, in spite of the cold, I had gone out to see it. My winter goal is to get out in the backyard daily – even for five minutes!

What sort of winter beauty are you enjoying?

4 thoughts on “A frosty morning”

  1. Betty, Hope you are doing well. Your frosty photography is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing these pictures. Now, I have the yearning to go out early on a frosty morning and see what I can discover! Have a good week.

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