Winterberry – a different kind of holly

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Winterberry (Ilex verticillata) is a native holly that, unlike other hollies, loses its leaves in early winter. In early November the leaves were still green.

A few weeks later the leaves are gone and birds are feasting on the abundant showy red berries.

winterberries (Ilex verticulata)

The day after Thanksgiving, snow on the berries created a bit of winter magic.

winterberries and snow (Ilex verticulata)

I have often enjoyed these bright red berries along roadsides this time of year. Now it’s a special treat to see them from my kitchen window, and it’s been fun watching the robins, cardinals, and mockingbirds having a feast.

4 thoughts on “Winterberry – a different kind of holly”

  1. WOW – absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    I can’t believe a week after Thanksgiving and I’ve still got flowers blooming ; )

    Chris Howells – Virginia Beach

  2. I am delighted to know that I’ve got winterberry growing at the west end of my porch! And to learn that
    it is a holly – Neat!

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