Unexpected Great Blue Heron

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Great Blue Heron

This was not our unexpected visitor, but it bears a close resemblance. Harry and I were surprised to look out our window last week to see a Great Blue Heron. We’ve recently added a water feature to our backyard, and apparently the heron was checking on the possibility of fish. Finding none, it soon took flight.  It was exciting to see, and we have a new entry for our backyard bird list.

This image was taken at Warriors Path State Park in Kingsport, Tennessee .  Will I get one in our backyard?  Time will tell.  Some fish may help my chances.

3 thoughts on “Unexpected Great Blue Heron”

  1. Neat! One of my treasures consists of some Blue Heron
    feathers shed by one that repeatedly flew up and down Sontag Road here in Castlewood, traveling between the creek to the east and a hilltop pond to the west, a few summers ago. I was always amazed that he (she?) flew so low – not too much higher than the telephone poles. Wish that fate had brought him back the next and following years.

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