Three Tough Plants

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It’s been cold this last week – daytime highs below freezing, nighttime lows in the teens, and we’ve had a little snow. However, a few of the backyard plants seem to take the cold in stride. This Christmas Fern (Polystichum acrostichoides) is still quite green.

polystichum acrostichoidesThis Leather Wood Fern (Dryopteris marginalis) also seems to be doing fine.

dryopteris marginalis

The Golden Ragwort (Senecio obovatus) is one of my favorite ground covers. I look forward to its early spring blossoms. However, right now I’m enjoying the green it adds to the winter garden.

senecio aureusIn addition to taking winter in stride, these plants do quite well in dry, shady areas in summer. I admire their toughness.

3 thoughts on “Three Tough Plants”

  1. I appreciate your blog and beautiful pictures.
    Beauty, I think, is born of nature.
    I was just wondering about getting some Senecio aureus or obovatus for our yard, so was quite glad to see your comment about the former.

    1. I appreciate your comments, Russell. As to S. aureus or obovatus, I began to wonder if I had indeed identified it correctly. The plant was given to me in ’06 by a friend. I asked my native plant guru, Connie May, for an opinion. She collected a plant – roots and all – and reported back that it was S. obovatus. Apparently, accurate identification between these two species is not always easy. S. obovatus makes sense to me since my plant thrives in dry shade. I have it in several areas of the backyard and plan to put it in two new ones this spring. I’m sorry for my error. However, thanks to you, I’m now better informed.

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