Nature’s art

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White ash trees (Fraxinus americana) are now at peak color in Lexington. They are easy to spot with their striking and subtle shades of greens, golds, purples, and reds. I’m enjoying them all immensely. However, my favorite one is in our front yard. The best view is from the upstairs computer room, and sights like this have been a great way to start the day.

window view of colorful ash tree leaves

I love all the wonderful colors. They change from one day to the next, and throughout the day depending on the light. The colors seem especially beautiful shortly before and after sunrise and on cloudy days.

Fraximus americana leaves in October

Some leaves have already fallen, creating a colorful collage under the tree, a sign that the color will not last much longer. After a recent rain, I was intrigued by how the underside of the leaves held water drops that resembled glass beads.

Water drops on fallen white ash leaves

We planted this tree sixteen years ago, before the threat of Emerald ash borer. We’re doing preventive treatments and hope to keep the tree healthy for some time. In the meantime, I’m delighted to be able to observe it from a bird’s-eye view. Watching these colors change has renewed my appreciation for the beauty and wonder of all our trees in autumn.

12 thoughts on “Nature’s art”

  1. Great photos, Betty – I have a similar view, but mine is into the tops of my Staghorn Sumac trees in my front yard.

  2. What gorgeous colors! Our sweet gum trees have a beautiful range of colors as well. And what cute water droplets….it is always a pleasure to view nature through your eyes Betty 🙂

  3. Glad to get this taste of Fall. Color has been muted in this area this year. I took a drive yesterday searching for color, but the best is in our neighborhood. Golden yellow prevalent, with some outstanding scarlet red.

  4. Betty, Thank you for sharing your captures of the autumn leaves. Absolutely beautiful! I love the rain droplets on the fallen leaves. It’s good to hear that you are enjoying the beautiful colors of autumn, especially right outside your window. My Oak Tree in my front yard is really starting to show its beautiful colors. Have a good autumn. Hope to see more photography from you soon. Take care.

    1. Thanks, Carol.I’m glad to hear of the color in your oak tree.Harry and I walked in the Arboretum today and the color there has certainly increased in the last week. I’m wanting to be outside as much as possible these next few weeks.Happy autumn to you, too.

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