Mystery rainbow

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When I looked out at the muhly grass (Muhlenbergia capillaris) on a recent morning, I first thought it was covered with frost. Then I realized it was much too warm for frost and instead was moisture as a result of our previous rainy day. I proceeded to take a few photos.

When I downloaded the images to my computer, I was shocked to see what looked like several rainbows in one of them. I did not see these colors when I looked at the plant.

Dew covered Muhly grass with rainblow like background

I have no idea why this image has these colors, and why the ones taken immediately before and after do not. At any rate, I thought it was worth sharing.

We’ve enjoyed the muhly grass since it bloomed pink in early September. It looks fragile, but it has lasted quite well. I’m glad it led to such an interesting photograph. Can anyone explain the rainbow effect?

12 thoughts on “Mystery rainbow”

  1. I am not able to explain it, but I choose to think it is a special reward for someone who is so appreciative of God’s beauty and creation!

    “May the warm winds of heaven blow
    softly upon your house.
    May the Great Spirit bless all who enter there.
    May your mocassins make happy tracks in many snows,
    and may the rainbow always touch your shoulder.”
    American Indian Cherokee Blessing

  2. How beautiful! and, yes, I believe I can tell you how the rainbows
    originated. Although I have never seen such a plethora of tiny miracles, my explanation is based on often noticing the prism-like quality of a single droplet of water. It can project a large swath of the correctly ordered
    primary and secondary colors on walls. However, I’ve never seen them
    as an arch and am assuming what your camera caught was the result
    of the ninuscule lenses provided by the mist. I further assume that you
    didn’t see them with the naked eye because you weren’t standing at the
    proper angle for them to be revealed or, perhaps, because the human body (eye) is always moving and so are the sun’s rays. I will be interested in
    reading if anyone else has other explanations. In the meantime, thank you
    for sharing this glorious display!

  3. What an incredible photo, an incredible explanation, and incredible luck in taking the photo at just the right time. I also liked the Cherokee blessing.

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