Milkweed seeds

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I have milkweed plants because they are essential to the survival of monarch butterflies, and I recently had fun trying to capture images of the seeds. Isn’t this arrangement a great example of beautiful and efficient packaging?

Milkweed Seed Pod

The individual seeds are an engineering marvel, too. The way they float in the air seems magical to me.

Milkweed Seed

If you don’t already have milkweeds in your garden, I hope you’ll plant some this spring. The flowers are beautiful, the seeds are fascinating, and you’ll be helping monarchs. Susan Smith-Durisek recently wrote an excellent article in the Lexington Herald-Leader about the challenges monarchs are facing.

I hope you can join me for Dr. Chip Taylor’s presentation this Wednesday, February 12. He will talk about the status of monarchs, and how we can help.

16 thoughts on “Milkweed seeds”

  1. Hello Betty,
    What superb photos of the Milkweed seeds, and yes, i will certainly do my best
    to plant some in our garden this year. What a great subject for macro photography!

  2. AMAZING photos! I actually planted some milkweed in the unmanicured section of our neighborhood park. Hope they survive!

  3. Your photos are just lovely. I think it would be a good idea for the Arboretum to give away milkweed seeds. Do you know where I can acquire some?

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