Joe-Pye Weed and pollinators

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Our Joe-Pye Weed (Eupatorium fistulosum) is at peak bloom and reminds me of a giant bouquet.

Joe-pye Weed

The abundant pink blossoms are attracting a variety of insects, and it’s fun to watch all the comings and goings. I’m seeing lots of bumble bees of various sizes, a few honey bees, skipper butterflies, and other smaller insects.

Bumble Bee and Skipper on Jo-pye weed

Joe-Pye certainly doesn’t seem like a “weed” to me. It appears to be a great nectar plant for late summer, and I appreciate all the insects it attracts.

6 thoughts on “Joe-Pye Weed and pollinators”

  1. I witnessed a spectacular display on ironweed (note ‘weed’) this month– a couple species of swallowtail butterflies, clearwing moths, bumblebees–all the usual suspects. I wish I had thought to take a photo–just doesn’t occur to me. I love your photos.

    1. Maryann, thanks for sharing the scene. I like imagining it. Yes, a photo would have allowed you to share it in a different way, however you saw and appreciated it and that counts for a lot.

  2. Beautiful close-ups, Betty, of both the flowers and the ‘nectar-eaters’. I am going out to have a closeup look at the Joe-Pye Weed in my garden with a new appreciation of their beauty.

    1. Marsha, I pruned mine back a lot earlier in the summer and of course we’ve had good rains. For whatever reason, Ive had more blooms and pollinators than ever before.

  3. Hi Betty, lovely pics of your Joe-Pye weed and insects upon it’s flowers. And, yes
    it looks too beautiful to be called a weed! I do believe we have this “Weed” growing
    on our golf course, so will take my camera with me next time i play. Thank you for delighting us with these gorgeous photos.

  4. My Purple Joe Pye is practically bloomed out but it still is full of bees and tiny butterflies plus a male monarch that seems to have fallen in love with Joe Pye. No wonder – he is just a sweet old thing! Love my Joe Pye.

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