Hummingbird and zinnia

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We’re almost to the end of 2011 and I’m feeling reflective. The backyard continues to be a great source of enjoyment. This Ruby-throated Hummingbird (Archilochus colubris) and zinnia image captures one of many magical moments I’ve experienced.

Archilochus colubris and red zinnia

I was in the backyard, camera in hand, looking for butterflies on the zinnias, when the hummingbird appeared. I felt lucky to capture this image before it whisked away.

Was it feeding on nectar or was it looking for insects for its young? I don’t know, but I like this haiku by my friend Beth.

Hummingbird’s Bar

An open-faced bowl,

Zinnia quenches the thirst

of beauty in flight.

by Beth Bailey

Here’s to special memories of the past and the possibilities of the future. What were your favorite garden experiences in 2011?

4 thoughts on “Hummingbird and zinnia”

  1. I must comment on your beautiful photograph, which I really spent some time studying. The red under the chin and the color of the zinnia, wow! The tiny feet. One wing captured perfectly, the other blurry, just wonderful. And the colors in the background…Well, it’s a winner.

    Thanks again for this blog – and here’s to more in 2012!

  2. A gorgeous shot that inspires me to plant zinnias this spring to please the hummingbirds…who in their turn bring me much pleasure. I also enjoyed reading Ann’s comments. I went back to the photo for another appreciative long gaze.

    1. Thanks, Marsha. In addition to the hummingbird, my last summer’s zinnias attracted many butterflies. I had some “fancy” zinnias but the old fashioned flat ones got the most visitors. Interesting that Ann’s comments encouraged you to take another look. I think she will be pleased to know that.

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