Grand Canyon, AZ

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We recently visited the North and South Rims of the Grand Canyon. It’s our fourth visit, but the first in twelve years. We’ve hiked to the bottom twice but were content to stay closer to the rim this time.

No words or photograph can do the Canyon justice, but I’m one of many who can’t resist trying.

Grand Canyon - AZ - South Rim

Our backyard seemed rather tame when we returned home. However, I’ve discovered our hummingbird is still here, Monarchs are nectaring and then heading south, and the bees and small insects are busy on asters and goldenrods. All I need to do is take the time to notice the small wonders close to home.

6 thoughts on “Grand Canyon, AZ”

  1. Nice picture, Betty. Is that a sunrise picture? Because I’m not sure I’ve seen the canyon from that light angle before. 😉

    1. Keli, we were on the South Rim not far from the El Tovar Hotel and, according to my camera data, the photo was taken about 4 p.m. Arizona time. Hope you can check it out sometime.:-)

  2. Oh, I may have viewed that lighting at some time since it was 4PM. I thought it was taken closer to 4AM – at which time I would not have seen it! Either way, it is a great picture!

  3. I am guilty of getting busy and having neglected checking out your recent postings
    but have spent the last half hour catching up. The canyon picture is magnificent and
    I especially like the rain’s bejeweling of your garden plants.

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