First crocus and pollinator

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I was surprised and quite pleased recently to find the first blooms of the year. There were a few small crocus flowers in our backyard, and this yellow one especially caught my eye.

Small yellow crocus

As I was photographing it, I was surprised to see this small creature. It seems early in the season for insects.  Is it a bee? a fly? or a parasitic wasp? Since it has six legs, I think I’m safe calling it a small insect.

Crocus and small insect

As I looked closer, I noticed grains of pollen on its wings, legs, and abdomen. Whatever kind of insect, it is a pollinator!

Close-up of pollinator on crocus

I’m delighted to know there are pollinators around (at least one) so early in the season. In return for the nectar, they are spreading pollen to other flowers which increases the chances of more blossoms next spring.

Hurray for another parade of blossoms and pollinators!

13 thoughts on “First crocus and pollinator”

  1. I am happy to see your crocus and the pollinator. I’ve had snowdrops and aconites for a month and now crocuses and hellebore. Even with snow predicted for later today, Spring must be coming!

    1. Evelyn, glad you also have some blossoms and have had for a month. I’m thinking I want to try some aconites. Those early blooms are so welcome.

  2. As the snow swiftly falls here in ON during yet another day of winter, your beautiful crocus image, and especially the busy pollinator, bring hope that spring can’t be far away. Thanks 🙂 Gorgeous photos!!

    1. Maryann, 8 inches? That’s hardly a sign of spring. Hope they are wrong and should they be right, may it soon melt!

    1. Yes, Deborah, those flowers are now closed tightly and even if pollinators were around, no way could they get any nectar. Here’s hoping that soon changes.

  3. Hello Betty,
    Lovely, lovely Crocus photos,and the pollinator is a fascinating looking insect!
    I would really like to know what sort. Looking forward to seeing many more
    Beautiful Spring Time photos on your blog.

    1. Thanks, Pauline. A good possibility it is a bee. I’m hoping to get more information from folks that know more than I do.

  4. What lovely photos! I’m not an expert on bees by any stretch of the imagination, but your cute pollinator looks very much like one of our little native sweat bees.

    1. Judy, I think you may be more of an expert than you realize. I checked with BugGuide and yes, it is a sweat bee. Next time I’ll check with you first. 🙂

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