Mystery Crocuses – first sign of spring

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These crocuses mysteriously appeared under the red maple a few years ago. I didn’t plant them and I have no idea how they got there. However, I’m pleased to see these first blossoms of the year.

The blossoms are small – about one inch wide and two inches tall. They are not spectacular, but they’re big enough to be seen from the dining room window and they brighten my day.

It was only when I looked closely at the inside of a blossom that I noticed the richness and beauty within.

Crocuses are not native to Kentucky, but they provide an early source of nectar for insects. And I enjoy them as an early sign of spring.

4 thoughts on “Mystery Crocuses – first sign of spring”

  1. What a nice surprise! It’s always great to see the first blooms in the spring, even better if you didn’t even plant them! Happy Spring! Jane

  2. WOW – I think I need to plant some crocuses ; )

    Thanks for sharing. I’m seeing lots of robins already in Virginia Beach and plants are starting to peek out from under dead branches and leaves. Traveling last week to West Virginia we saw lots of baby calves – also a sign of spring – I say…..bring it on….my favorite time of year.

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