Colorful sassafras

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I love autumn, especially watching the magic as leaves change colors. On a recent walk at our local arboretum, this patch of leaves on a sassafras tree (Sassafras albidum) grabbed my attention.

Sassafras leaves in October

The brilliant leaves were back-lit by the sun and reminded me of stained glass. Our parade of fall colors has definitely begun and I look forward to watching its progress.

12 thoughts on “Colorful sassafras”

  1. Love the “Mitten” tree this time of year! Glorious! I drive past a grove of them every day or two and keep telling myself I need to remember my camera next time so I can get a photo of them in their full fall glory..

    1. Ellen, I like its ‘mitten’ leaves but haven’t heard it called “Mitten” tree. That’s a great nickname. Hope you get a good photo.

  2. Gorgeous Betty!

    I am currently taking a Master Gardner course and we were talking about the Sassafras just this morning ; ).

    1. Christine, interesting coincidence. Fall color is just one of many things I like about sassafras trees. I hear good things about the Master Gardner class and am sure I would learn a lot.

  3. Wow Betty! I just love the beautiful Autumnal colours of the leaves at this time
    of year, and this Sassafras tree is a wonderful example. I await in anticipation
    for more beautiful fall colours captured on camera by yourself! Sadly, here in the Channel Islands it’s far too warm for the time of year, and because of the hot, dry summer, nature is behaving in an unusual way. So, it looks like the leaves on our trees
    won’t be changing into the beautiful shades of red orange and yellow!

  4. I try to find and protect small sassafras trees on my farm, and now I know why. Thanks for highlighting the incredible beauty.

    1. Good for you, David. In addition to their autumn color, sassafras is also one of two host plants for the Spicebush Swallowtail butterfly. And, the roots can be used for a wonderful tea.

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