Children and a pond

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Give kids a chance to explore a pond and they are happy campers. That was certainly the case at a recent family reunion. Several children, including this brother and sister, had fun seeing what they could catch.

Children exploring a pond

And their perseverance paid off. Isn’t this catch a cutie?

Small frog in child's hand

I had great fun watching the enthusiasm of the youngsters, and I’m glad that in our modern world with all its technology, nature still appeals to kids of all ages.

6 thoughts on “Children and a pond”

  1. Your Children and a Pond brings back memories of watching tadpoles at the local creek when I was young. Glad the tradition continues!

  2. What delightful photos Betty! The two children at the pond edge look truly engrossed in exploring the wildlife in the water, and their reflection in the pond makes this photo really special. And what a cute little frog, is it a ‘youngster’ or is that it’s actual size?
    Yes, it is so good to see many kids enjoying wildlife and the nature of the countryside, and also in the town parks. Once again, thank you so much for such a range of topics you show on your photographic blog.

    1. Pauline, thanks for your comments. This is a tiny American Bullfrog. And according to my internet search it will be sexually mature in two years and at that time it will about six inches long, and weigh about one pound. It has an average life span of 7-9 years. The ‘song’ of the male is one of my favorite sounds in nature. This website is a good source of information and includes an audio of their song.

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