A wintry day in the backyard

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We received 12 inches of snow yesterday. With low temperatures and wind chills approaching 0°, we’ve had a steady stream of birds at the feeders.

Female cardinal and snow

The birds seem to take it in stride, and they certainly added some life and color to a cold snowy day.

7 thoughts on “A wintry day in the backyard”

  1. Oh, this is SO beautiful, Betty! It looks like a painting. Love the way this photo captures the subtle-yet-striking plumage of the female cardinal. A couple of days ago, I moved a suet holder and a seed feeder to a Japanese maple, which is only about 8 feet from our kitchen windows. Now we can enjoy the birds at much closer range: so far, in addition to two pairs of cardinals, we have seen a pair of downy woodpeckers, some titmice, chickadees, grackles, and a bluejay.

    1. Thanks, Patsy. Glad you’ve found a way to observe the birds at closer range and sounds like you already have a nice variety. A warning, bird watching can become addictive!

  2. Hello Betty,
    What a beautiful photo! And yes, this little birdie certainly adds some bright colour to your photo, along with the
    green pine needles. Could be a lovely Christmas card ! Is the bird a Cardinal …… and did you take the photo through the window?
    Hope you are keeping snug and warm indoors, and the snow will ease off soon so that you will be able to get outside
    in the sunshine. Looking forward to more lovely backyard photos.
    God bless you.

    1. Yes, Pauline, this is a female Northern Cardinal, one our common backyard birds. And yes, I took it through the window. This way we can enjoy the birds as they come to our feeders, and I can stay warm! 🙂

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