A different backyard visitor

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We had the privilege of  keeping our neighbors’ puppy, Reesie, over the weekend. She is an eight-week-old puggle, a cross between a pug and a beagle.

Between daytime naps, Reesie explored the backyard and enjoyed chewing on leaves, bark and pine cones. She also tolerated being held, petted, and photographed. It was a special treat to have our daughter, Janet, in town to share the fun.

This is a bit of a switch from my usual native plants or butterfly blog posts, but Reesie was the highlight of the backyard this weekend. She was a delightful, entertaining house guest.

2 thoughts on “A different backyard visitor”

  1. I certainly approve of including Reesie in your backyard blog – she’s a natural (I mean native by right of being born in KY) borrowed “keeper” (even if you did have to give her back to her 2-footed parents when they returned from their trip) 🙂

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