25 Kentucky native plants to attract birds and butterflies

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Six years ago when we re-landscaped our backyard it was a challenge to decide which native plants to include. Other folks have told me they’ve struggled with this too.

I’ve updated my website and added some resources. I hope they will help folks who are new to native plants or those who want to add some natives to their existing gardens. There are new images of butterflies and plants in the photo galleries, and I’ve added pages about native plants, butterflies, and the story of our backyard.

Finally, I’ve created a chart of twenty-five of my favorite backyard plants. Here’s a sample.

Sample of the handout on 25 favorite Kentucky native plants

I don’t meant that these are “the” twenty-five plants that everyone should plant. However, they would be a good addition to most any yard and there are plants that are attractive at various times throughout the growing season.

Sample of my handout on favorite Kentucky native plants

I hope this website encourages folks to do more with native plants. What else would be helpful?

6 thoughts on “25 Kentucky native plants to attract birds and butterflies”

    1. Thanks, Keli. The chart focuses on Kentucky natives. I’d be glad to know if you have some of these same native in Utah?

  1. Fortunately I have many of these thanks to your generous, giving spirit! This is a great reference. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with all of us.

    1. Thanks, Regina. And thank you for being so open to trying natives. Who knows, maybe we can create a neighborhood bird and butterfly preserve.

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