16 new neighborhood trees!

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I’m delighted that we now have 16 new trees (10 different species) in our small neighborhood. These were all bare-root trees ordered and delivered by arborist Stacy Borden (The Tree Man). Bare-root trees generally cost less, are easy to plant, and grow quickly. This was the scene as neighbors gathered and Stacy began his 30-minute planting demonstration.

Digging the hole
Stacy’s demonstration begins with digging the hole

The following photos are a summary of Stacy’s demonstration. Click any image for a larger version, then click the left or right edge of the larger photo to go to the previous or next image.

I’m grateful to live in a tree-friendly neighborhood, and I like thinking how these trees will contribute to our community:

  • add value to our properties
  • moderate temperatures and decrease utility costs
  • reduce storm water run-off
  • encourage wildlife

My hat goes off to visionary 90-year-old Katie for planting a tree “for the neighborhood and whoever eventually buys this house.” Many thanks to Stacy Borden, who guided us through this project, and everyone who participated.

11 thoughts on “16 new neighborhood trees!”

  1. The neighbourhood looks so lush with all the green grass and beautiful trees. I also see a flowering tree in the back of your picture. Ah! Spring is really in KY!
    If I understood properly, Bur Oak trees grow really fast? The one showing is about how old would you say, when it was planted?
    Thanks for sharing this important demonstration Betty.

    1. Louise, I’ve checked with Stacy and he’s guessing the bur oak that we planted was probably five or six years old. At a cost of $70 that seems like a real bargain. And the tree you saw in the background was a redbud. They’ve been quite beautiful this year. I do hope you are beginning to see some signs of spring there.

  2. This is great, Betty – my neighborhood (Garden Springs) has seen so many of its trees disappear. Most of it was due to the 2003 ice storm, lots of it because the mature trees reached their life span and some of it is because people remove their trees because they just don’t want to be bothered with the maintenance and leaf-raking. I am fortunate to have lots of trees in my yard, and their shade makes a HUGE difference in my utility bills. Most years in April, May and October I can get away with turning off my heat and air conditioning altogether! I have spied over 30 different kinds of birds in my yard because there are so many trees for them to roost in and find food.

    1. Kathy, that’s quite a variety of birds and lower utility bills another great advantage of trees. I also like being able to watch young trees grow.

  3. Oh, this post made me smile, Betty!! What a wonderful neighborhood project … I love the many trees in my own yard near Rosemont Garden. These came with the property: hackberry, black walnut, buckeye, mulberry (not my favorite–but maybe good for the birds?), redbuds (one planted and several “volunteers”). We planted a river birch, a dogwood, a sycamore, a ginkgo, and a Japanese maple (this last hosted a pair of ruby-crowned kinglets one spring, when they dined on the aphids feeding on its leaves).

  4. I’m lucky that Stacy joined The Tree Man two years ago. Not many in our field are as passionate and knowledgable, and so willing to share with others. Stacy conceived of and followed through with creating the Affordable Tree Planting Program. It was most important for him that the highest quality trees could be made available to most people, that they be bare root, and as such, easily handled and planted by almost anyone. I feel so proud of Stacy!

    1. David, glad you are supportive of Stacy and encouraging him in the Affordable Tree Planting Program. I hope our tree project will encourage others to do something similar.

  5. Hello Betty, how wonderful to read this informative blog on your neighbourhood tree planting, and viewing the great
    photos of the demonstration by Stacy. Wow! what a glorious day for it too, such a blue sky, and no clouds in sight!
    I do so enjoy reading all the comments you receive and they help me understand more of the nature of your part of
    the world. It’s very uplifting to see such friendly neighbours enjoying time together partaking in such a worthwhile project.
    Well done!

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