A new backyard insect

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I’ve put out fermented bait (rotten fruit, etc.) to attract butterflies and moths. However, for the last three nights I’ve been surprised to find an ivory-marked beetle (Eburia quadrigeminata) that has come to feed. This is the first one I’ve ever seen and I think it’s quite handsome. It apparently doesn’t bite, although I didn’t test it.

Eburia quadrigeminata

The larvae burrow into and feed on dead wood. They normally stay in the wood for 2 years. However, they can emerge from furniture or hardwood flooring after 25 or more years. I’m glad to add this beetle to our list of backyard insects.

6 thoughts on “A new backyard insect”

    1. Sara, I don’t get any credit for the beetle, however I agree with you and appreciate your feedback on the photography.

  1. Your photograph is SO much nicer than the one in your link. It’s so much nicer to see a beautiful live creature than a dead one. Thanks for your patience in getting these photos and sharing with the rest of us.

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