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Woodlands and Prairies is a magazine for folks who “care about their piece of this Good Earth.” Each year, the holiday issue features stories from readers about what they are doing to create healthier environments.

I submitted the story of our backyard and am pleased to have it included in the 2010 holiday issue. It was a special bonus when they asked to use my Winterberry photo on the cover, and this photo of two male House Finches (Carpodacus mexicanus) on the inside cover.

Carpodacus mexicanus

You can read the article about our backyard. Note: the PDF is 1.2 MB, and may take a few minutes to download.

I think Woodlands and Prairies does a good job of informing, inspiring, and connecting folks who are concerned with healthy land management – whether suburban yards or country acreages. I hope you’ll visit their website: www.woodlandsandprairiesmagazine.com.

10 thoughts on “Woodlands and Prairies Magazine”

  1. Betty, you are one of my most exciting friends, always doing something interesting and inspiring many others to follow in your footsteps. (Also very modest, so I can feel your discomfort…!)

  2. I asked for a subscription and some back issues and can’t wait to get the magazine! It looks great on their website.

  3. I agree with Ann – you are always doing something interesting and exciting and, I would add, quite artistic whether it’s with your not-so-secret secret garden or
    your photography or your sharing and teaching in various “classrooms” and through your blog.

  4. Was unaware of this magazine…Woodlands and Prairies! love it and plan to subscribe. Congrats on the photo! You deserve it!
    The night sky and bare dark trees are wonderful!
    So nice seeing you today!
    I’m getting the camera!!!!
    Please tell me again, the name of the camera class you recommended.

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