Two new insects

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I’m finding that my interest in butterflies and moths has broadened and I want to know more about all our insects.

I recently found this interesting critter on our Joe-Pye Weed (Eupatorium fistulosum) . I had no idea what it was and couldn’t identify it with our guide books. I finally requested an identification from the BugGuide website and within an hour I had an email identifying it as a Squash Vine Borer moth (Melittia cucurbitae).

Squash Vine Borer Moth (Melittia cucurbitae)

Here’s another strange insect I found recently. Again, I had no luck identifying it with our guide books. However, after spending some time on the BugGuide website I found images and information that helped me identify it as a Leaf-footed Bug (Leptoglossus oppositus).

Leaf-footed Bug (Leptoglossus oppositus)I’m quite impressed with the BugGuide website. It’s an online community of professional and amateur naturalists working together to learn more about insects, and making that information available to others. I think it will be a valuable resource and look forward to using it in my efforts to learn more about all the insects in our backyard.

3 thoughts on “Two new insects”

  1. Hi Betty, I love your insect photos and share your interest in insects. It is such fun identifying insects and there are so many! Thanks for your blog, Jane

    1. Thanks, Jane.Yes, so many insects and so little time! They’re an intriguing and important part of nature that’s easy to take for granted, And I think all too often they are seen in a negative light. However, I must admit there are a few I could do without.☺

  2. Great information about the BugGuide website, thanks so much for passing that along. And fantastic pics of fantastic critters!

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