Trumpet honeysuckle vine

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I like this native Kentucky vine and so do hummingbirds. Trumpet honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens) blooms profusely in early May and continues to have flowers through October. It’s a favorite hangout for various birds throughout the year.

I enjoy the booms and am happy to share them with the hummingbirds. Last weekend I was attempting to get this image with my small point-and-shoot digital camera. While focusing on the bloom, a hummingbird came within inches of my face. It was a fleeting moment and a memorable one.

One thought on “Trumpet honeysuckle vine”

  1. I find this unknown (to me) variety of a much loved plant beautiful and I like that it continues to bloom through out the summer. Thank you for sharing it and your close encounter 🙂 with the hummingbird.

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