Sweetgum leaves in October

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Our autumn colors are quite beautiful, and the sweetgum trees (Liquidambar styraciflua) are especially showy. Their unique five-pointed, star-shaped leaves are now sometimes gold.

Gold sweet gum leaves

Or they may change to red.

Red sweet gum leaves

And, as is often the case, this tree at our Arboretum contains a range of colors.

Sweetgum tree in autumn

The rich mixture of colors brightens my day.

8 thoughts on “Sweetgum leaves in October”

  1. I saw that tree on a walk at the Arboretum yesterday, Betty. Thanks for capturing its beauty. Near the herb garden, there is a lovely katsura tree; its heart-shaped leaves are green with striking yellow veining. I saw some blazing sumacs, too. The Arboretum is especially beautiful now.

  2. Beautiful Autumnal colours Betty! And i have to admit this is my favourite time of year. Such a wonderful light for stunning photographs like the ones above.
    At last, here in Jersey, Channel Islands we too are seeing some glorious colours
    in our trees.

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