Sundrops, Bubble, and a Hoverfly

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After a much appreciated one-inch rain, I decided to check out the back yard and blow a few bubbles. I always enjoy bubbles and they are especially amazing after a rain when everything is still wet and the humidity is high.

I was intrigued by the way these two Sundrop blossoms (Oenothera fruticosa) held this bubble.

A short time later the bubble was gone, but I noticed the Sundrops had attracted a Hoverfly (sometimes called Flower Fly). Tip: click the image to see it larger.

According to Judy Burris and Wayne Richards, Hoverflies can indeed hover – similar to a helicopter. They are also an important predator of aphids.

I’ll continue to enjoy the bright yellow Sundrop blossoms, and the bubble and Hoverfly were an extra treat.

5 thoughts on “Sundrops, Bubble, and a Hoverfly”

  1. Why. Betty – still blowing bubbles at your age? Marvelous pictures. You’ve still got the touch and the photographer’s eye.

    1. Yes, David, I still enjoy bubbles,….and lightning bugs, rainbows, etc. May I never be too old to enjoy magic and other wonders, including bubbles. 🙂

  2. Sorry about being so late in viewing your beautiful photographs, Betty.
    I really enjoy looking at your bubble photos – so unusual, and so captivating!
    Love the little Hoverfly too — it’s quite amazing to see the wonderful markings and
    colours in the little insects when we can get in close!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely photos …..

    1. Pauline, I quite agree as to the amazing variety of designs in insects. Since they are often small and often moving, it’s easy to totally overlook them. Trying to photograph them has helped me become much more aware and appreciative of them.

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