20 thoughts on “Snow, crocus, and honey bees”

  1. Splendid, thanks Betty!
    I watched Bumble Bee check blooming crocus here in snow.
    Pileated landed in dogwood ca 15 feet from my front porch rocking chair.
    He turned, saw me and moved on!
    No Zebra Swallowtails yet nor Bluebirds.
    Robins are pairing.
    If not yet, look at Cornell Lab’s Bluebird nest cam pics from Paducah!

    1. DH, you’re ahead of me as far seeing a bumble bee. Good to think of you seeing the Pileated. I’m guessing you’ll see Bluebirds soon. The earliest I’ve seen Zebras is the first of April, but that’s not far off. And yes, I thoroughly enjoyed Cornell’s Bluebird nest cam photos.

  2. Hello Betty,
    While hiking trails up to Natural Bridge this Thursday, 23rd, I saw Black Swallowtails, Zebra swallowtails and what i think was a Monarch.

    My Common Milkweed is looking quite healthy this year… i’ll be watching it closely! Remember the odd looking fuzzy worm that destroyed the leaves of mine a year or so ago? If i find them again…any suggestions?

    1. Patty, appreciate the update. Not seeing many butterflies in my yard yet. Had had a black swallowtail which laid eggs on my fennel and now have 7 teeny, teeny caterpillars. Also, a pipevine swallowtail which left eggs on the pipevine and I’m waiting for them to hatch.

      Glad to hear the milkweed is looking good. As for the Milkweed Tussock Moth caterpillar. They make good bird feed and I don’t worry about them unless they are in such numbers that they are destroying the milkweed.If so, then I knock them off and “sqiush” em!

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