Snow, bird song and spring?

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Our record-breaking 17½ inches of snow and below-zero temperatures last week created a less-than-ideal setting for a picnic on the patio.

Patio and big snow

I’m glad to report that the ‘critters’ seem to have taken it all in stride, and birds are once again singing. We’re enjoying the cheerful warbling of the House Finches (Haemorhous mexicanus), and the males certainly add some welcome color.

Two male House Finches

We’re also hearing the beautiful sounds of the Northern Cardinals (Cardinalis cardinalils). And it’s hard to find anything more brilliant than one of the males in sunlight.

Brilliant male cardinal

I’m not hearing any sounds from the squirrels. Do you suppose this one is praying this will be our last snow of the season?

Eastern gray squirrel and snow

I think we’ve all had enough winter, and I hope the bird songs are a good omen that spring is on the way.

15 thoughts on “Snow, bird song and spring?”

  1. Spring is on its way; not to worry! If it’s getting warmer up where we live, you’ll feel the warmth even more in Ky.
    Betty, these pictures of your patio and birds are very beautiful, despite our being tired of this winter.

  2. I love all the photos but think the squirrel is my favorite. Our one and only Fox Squirrel has joined the grays in our yard again. He only comes in the winter and is pretty tame – that is how we know he is the same squirrel. We would love to know his story. There are Fox Squirrels on the other side of the lake – perhaps he swam over. We once say a squirrel swimming on a creek inlet at Lake Cumberland. Regardless, we are grateful he is still OK this winter. Don’t know where he goes there rest of the year but he will wander off in May not to be seen for a while. Thanks for this wonderful posting. I am mailing you a copy of the article on neonics that was published on Sunday. Stay warm. Linda

  3. A lovely tribute to the beautiful snowfalls we’ve been fortunate enough to have this winter! For much of our winter, the temps were so mild, it seemed like we might have a disappointing season – which, for me, would be no snow. Well, great news! Thanks for this, Betty.

  4. Oh Betty, Your pictures are beautiful!! I love them all. I really like the one of the squirrel. I have had a depressing winter or maybe just depressed in general. I viewed your email just at the right time. Made me smile. I am glad Spring is on its way. I am hoping with physical therapy and some practice, I will be able to start driving again, that will help me feel a little more independent. I am considering purchasing a new camera ( a DSRL), do you have any recommendations? Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photography.

    1. Julia, hang in there and best wishes for better days. As to camera, my best suggestion is to go to Murphy’s Camera on Winchester Rd. Annette and Don have been great resources for me.

  5. My goodness Betty, what a lot of snow in your backyard!! But how wonderful to capture such lovely photos of the wintery patio scene and the ‘critters’. The House Finches look pretty, and that Northern Cardinal is stunning! Yes, i have to agree with you about the squirrel, he/she could be praying for no more snow…… but is that evidence on the ground of sunflower seeds just eaten? Hope you are now enjoying some sunshine and warmer temperatures this week.

    1. Yes, Pauline, those are sunflower seed remains. And I’m happy to report yesterday was 60 degrees and sunny!

  6. While I know the cold is hard on the birds, I was excited to see that it had brought a male Towhee to the seed I had scattered out on my front porch area! First time ever seeing one.

    1. I’m delighted to hear of your visitor. I still remember what a thrill it was when we first saw one in the backyard.

    1. Snow cone or snow ice cream party. What a great idea, Carolyn. I’m sorry I didn’t think to give your a call! 🙂

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