Sky Views

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It’s easy for me to be wishing for spring about now. However, when I go out and look around, I’m often reminded that I don’t have to wait to make new discoveries in the backyard. Last week all I had to do was look up and enjoy the low-lying clouds.

clouds and trees

When I looked to the west I saw dark, fast-moving clouds. To the east, the sky was entirely different with lots of bright blue sky and white fluffy clouds. In both scenes I appreciated the contrasting tree branches.

blue sky fluffy clouds and treeI’m often looking forward or down, totally unaware of the sky. I like thinking of it as a giant art museum with ever-changing views, and I hope I can remember to look up more often.

2 thoughts on “Sky Views”

  1. My father taught me to be a cloud watcher so this post brings back lovely memories. Thank you. BTW, your new banner for the blog is fantastic.

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