Signs of spring in the woods

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I’m delighted to say that spring has arrived in Kentucky woods. On recent hikes at Natural Bridge State Park, I spotted several small (½ inch) Scarlet Cup mushrooms (Sarcoscypha dudleyi). These spring mushrooms always add a bright note to any hike.

Scarlet Cup Mushroom

Although I was delighted to find the mushrooms, I was really hoping to find some flowers, and I wasn’t disappointed. I saw several Hepaticas (Hepatica nobilis var. acuta). I like the white and pink blossoms, and I’m especially drawn to the lavendar ones. I find it interesting that these wildflowers are native to central and northern Europe as well as eastern North America.

Hepatica Blooms

I also found a few Spring Beauties (Claytonia virginica). These tiny blossoms (less than ½ inch) are easily overlooked unless you find them growing in a mass, as they sometimes do in lawns or meadows.

Spring Beauty Blossom

This close-up reminds me that small can be quite beautiful.

Spring Beauty Close-up

It was great to be in the woods again, and to discover some sure signs of spring.

8 thoughts on “Signs of spring in the woods”

    1. Well, Donna, it’s doesn’t look all that ‘springy’ out there today. However, I’m confident spring has begun.

  1. Amazing pix Betty! Such pretty little flowers, and yes, we too have very similar
    ones in Jersey. The Scarlet Cup Mushroom is striking!

    1. Thanks, Pauline. Good to think of us having some similar plants clear across the Atlantic Ocean.

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