Betty’s Moth List

Book cover of Peterson Field Guide to Moths

Moths are all around us, and I’m delighted by their diversity. They can be quite small or as large as your hand. Some resemble bark or lichen, while others are quite colorful and remind me of works of art.

This chart includes photographs of moths I have seen, many of them in our backyard. My primary source of information for identification, taxonomy, Hodges number, and common names, has been Peterson Field Guide to Moths of Northeastern North America, David Beadle & Seabrooke Leckie, 2012.

You’ll find more information on the locations, and additional moth resources at the bottom of the page.

Note: Click any image for a larger version, then click the left or right arrow (on the image or on your keyboard) for the next image.

ERMINE and NEEDLEMINER MOTHS – Families Lyonetiidae and Yponomeutiidae
Ailanthus webworm
Atteva aurea #2401
Lexington, KY, 9-2008
SLUGS – Family Limacodidae
Abbreviated Button Slug Moth
Tortricidia flexuosa #4654
Natural Bridge, 2016-7
Skiff Moth
Prolimacodes badia #4671
Natural Bridge, 2016-7
Spun Glass Slug Moth
Isochates beutenmuelleri #4675
Natural Bridge, 2016-7
Lined Oak Leafroller
Argyrotaenia quercifoliana #3623
Lexington, KY, 2016-7
Hosts: oak and witch hazel
GRASS VENEERS - Family Crambidae, Subfamily Crambinae
Snowy Urola
Urola nivalis #5404
Lexington, KY, 2016-5
Hosts: grasses
Sod Webworm
Pediasis trisecta #5413
Lexington, KY, 2015-7
Hosts: grasses
Elegant Grass-Veneer
Microcrambus elegans #5464
Lexington, KY, 2016-6
Hosts: grasses
AQUATIC CRAMBIDS – Family Crambidae, Subfamily Acentropinae
Waterlily Leafcutter
Synclita obliteralis #4755
Lexington, KY, 2012-6
Hosts: aquatic plants
PYRAUSTINA MOTHS – Family Crambidae, Subfamily Pyraustinae
Orange-spotted Pyrausta
Pyrausta orphisalis #5058
Lexington, KY, 2014-7
Hosts: mint
Celery Leaftier
Udea rubigalis #5079
Lexington, KY, 2012-6
Hosts: low plants
Lucerne Moth
Nomophila nearctia #5156
Lexington, KY, 2012-5
Hosts: widespread
White-headed Grape Leaffolder
Dsmia maculalis #5160
Lexington, KY, 2015-7
Hosts: grape
Ironweed Root Moth
Polygrammodes flavidalis #5228
Mothapalooza, 2016-8
Hosts: ironweed
Glorious Habrosyne
Mothapalooza, 2016-8
Hosts: birch, raspberry
Rose Hooktip
Oreta rosa #6255
Mothapalooza, 2016-8
Hosts: birch, viburnum
CARPETS AND PUGS - Family Geometridae, Subfamily Larentiinae
Lesser Grapevine Looper
Eulithis diversilineata #7196
Lexington, KY, 2015-8
Hosts: grape / V. creeper
Cherry Scallop Shell
Rheumaptera hastata #7292
Floracliff, 2016-7
Hosts: azalea, willow
The Gem
Orthonama obstipata #7414
Lexington, KY, 2012-6
Hosts: low plants, ragweed
Bent-Line Carpet
Costaconvexa centrostrigaria #7416
Lexington, KY, 2015
Hosts: low plants, smartweed
EMERALDS - Family Geometridae, Subfamily Geometrinae
Showy Emerald
Dichorda iridaria #7053
Natural Bridge, 2012-7
Wavy-lined Emerald
Synchlora aerata #7058#
Natural Bridge, 2012-7
WAVES - Family Geometridae, Subfamily Sterrhinae
Common Tan Wave
Pleuroprucha insulsaria #7132
Lexington, KY, 6-2012
Packard's Wave
Cyclophora parkardi #7136
Lexington, KY, 2016-5
Hosts: unknown
Chickweed Geometer
Haematopis grataria #7146
Lexington, KY, 2015-7
Hosts: chickweed, clover, +
TYPICAL GEOMETERS - Family Geometridae, Subfamily Ennominae
Birch Angle
Macaria notata/promiscuta #6330
Ohio, 2016-8
Hosts: birch, alder
Minor Angle
Macaria minorata #6340
Lexington, KY, 2012-6
Hosts: white and red pine
Red-headed Inchworm
Macaria bisignata #6342
Lexington, KY, 2012-8
Hosts: pine
Hemlock Angle
Macaria fissonatata #6348
Natural Bridge, 2016-4
Hosts: hemlock
Large Purplish Gray
Iridopsis vellivolata #6582
Lexington, KY, 2016-4
Hosts: pine, spruce
Small Purplish Gray
Iridopsis humaria #6584
Lexington, KY, -4
Hosts: trees, low plants
Bent-line Gray
Irdopsis larvaria (6588)
Natural Bridge, 7-2012
Common Gray
Anavitrinella pampinaria (6590)
Lexington, KY, 7-2012
Tulip-tree Beauty
Epimecis hortaria (6599)
Natural Bridge, 4-2016
Signate Melanolophia
Melanolophiasignataria #6621
One-Spotted Variant
Hypagyrtis unipunctata #6654
Hosts: trees, pine, oak, +
Deep Yellow Euchlaena
Euchlaena amoenaria #6733
Floracliff, 2016-7
Hosts: unknown
False Crocus Geometer
Xanthotype urticaria #6740
Floracliff, 2016
Hosts: goldenrod, dogwood
Morrison's Pero
Pero morrisonaria #6755
, 2011-
Hosts: pine, spruce
Oak Beauty
Phaeoura quernaria #6763
Lexington, KY, 2016-
Hosts: elm, oak
Pale Beauty
Campaea periata (6796)
Holly River WV, 2012-5
Alien Probole
Probole alienaria #6837
Holly River, WV, 2011-6
Hosts: trees, shrubs
Hollow-spotted Plagodis
Plagodis alcoolaria #6844
Floracliff, 2016-7
Hosts: maple, oak
Confused Euscarca
Eusarca confusaria #6941
Lexington, KY, 2016-8
Hosts: sumac, willow
Large Maple Spanworm
Prochoerodes lineola (6982)
Natural Bridge, 9-2014
APATELODID MOTHS - Family Apatelodidae
Spotted Apatelodes
Apatelodes torrefacta #7663
Natural Bridge, -6
Hosts: ash, maple, oak
Dot-lined White Moth
Artace cribarius #7683
Natural Bridge
Eastern Tent Caterpillar Moth
Malacosoma americana #7701
Lexington, KY
ROYAL SILKWORM MOTHS - Family Saturniidae, Subfamily Ceratocampinae
Imperial Moth
Eacles imperialis #7704
Natural Bridge, 2016
Hosts: maple, oak, walnut
Regal Moth
Citheronia regalis #7706
Natural Bridge, 2016
Hosts: walnut, ash, hickory
Rosy Maple Moth
Dryocampa rubicunda #7715
Natural Bridge
Pink-Striped Oakworm Moth
Anisota virginiensis #7723
Ohio, 2016-8
Hosts: red oak
GIANT SILKWORM MOTHS - Family Saturniidae, Subfamily Saturniinae
Polyphemus Moth
Antheraea polyphemus #7757
Natural Bridge
Luna Moth
Actias luna #7758
Natural Bridge
Promethea Moth
Callosamia promethea #7764
Lexington, KY
Tulip-Tree Silkmoth
Callisamia angulifera #7765
Ohio, 2016-8
Hosts: tulip tree, cherry, sassafras
Cecropia Moth
Hyalophora cecropia #7767
Lexington, KY
LARGE SPHINX MOTHS - Family Sphingidae, Subfamily Sphinginae
Five-spotted Hawkmoth
Five-Spotted Hawkmoth
Manduca quinquemaculatus #7776
Lexington, KY
Ash Sphinx
Manduca jasminearum #7783
Lexington, KY, 2012-7
Hosts: ash, maple, oak
Elm Sphinx
Ceratomia amyntor #7786
Natural Bridge
Waved Sphinx
Ceratomia undulosa #7787
Natural Bridge
Catalpa Sphinx
Ceratomia catalpae #7789
Lexington, KY, 2016-5
Hosts: catalpa
Laurel Sphinx
Sphinx kalmiae #7809
Ohio, 2016-8
Hosts: laurel, ash, lilac
EYED SPHINX MOTHS - Family Sphingidae, Subfamily Smerinthinae
Blinded Sphinx
Paonias excaecata #7824
Ohio, 2016-8
Hosts: willow, basswood
SMALL SPHINX MOTHS - Family Sphingidae, Subfamily Macroglossinae
Abbott's Sphinx moth
Snowberry Clearwing
Hemaris diffinis #7855
Lexington, KY
Abbott's Sphinx
Sphecodina abbotiti #7870
Natural Bridge
Lettered Sphinx
Deidamia inscriptum #7871
Natural Bridge, 2014-7
Hosts: grape, Virginia creeper
Nessus Sphinx
Amphion floridensis #7873
S. Carolina
Virginia Creeper Sphinx
Darapsa myron #7885
Lexington, KY, 2016-7
Hosts: Virginia creeper, grape, viburnum
Azalea Sphinx
Darapsa choerilus #7886
Natural Bridge, 2012-8
Hosts: azalea, blueberry, viburnum
PROMINENTS - Family Notodontidae
Contracted Datana
Datana contracta #7906
Natural Bridge
White-Dotted Prominent
Nadata gibbosa #7915
Lexington, KY, 2016-5
Hosts: oak, maple, cherry
Angulose Prominent
Peridea Angulosa #7920
Ohio, 2016-8
Hosts: oak
White-blotched Heterocampa
Heterocampa umbrata #7990
Ohio, 2016-8
Hosts: oak
Wavy-Lined Heterocampa
Heterocampa biundata #7995
Ohio, 2016-8
Hosts: willow, hickory
Variable Oakleaf Caterpillar Moth
Lochmaeus manteo #7998
Ohio, 2016-8
Hosts: oak, beech, chestnut
TUSSOCK MOTHS - Family Erebidae, Subfamily Lymantriinae
Yellow-Based Tussock Moth
Dasychira basiflava #8296
Natural Bridge, 2012-7
Hosts: oak
TIGER MOTHS - Family Erebidae, Subfamily Arctiinae, Tribe Arctiini
Clymene Moth
Haploa clymene #8107
Natural Bridge
Isabella Tiger Moth
Pyrrharctia isabella #8129
Lexington, KY
Virginian Tiger Moth
Spilosoma virginica #8137
Lexington, KY, 2010-7
Hosts: maple, willow, walnut
Giant Leopard Moth
Hypercompe scibonia #8146
Natural Bridge
Nais Tiger Moth
Apantesis nais #8171
Lexington, KY
Banded Tussock Moth
Halsidota tessellaris #8203
Natural Bridge
Hickory Tussock Moth
Lophocampa caryae #8211
Natural Bridge
Delicate Cycnia
Cycnia tenera #8230
Ohio, 2016-8
Hosts: milkweed, hemp
Yellow-Collared Scape Moth
Cisseps fulvicollis #8267
Lexington, KY
LITTER MOTHS - Family Erebidae, Subfamily Lymantriinae
American Idia
Idia americalis #8322
Lexington, KY, 2016-8
Hosts: lichen
Common Idia
Idia aemula #8323
Lexington, KY, 2016-8
Hosts: dead leaves
Faint-Spotted Palthis
Palthis asopialis #8398
Lexington, KY, 2016-7
Hosts: oak, coralberry, bean
SNOUTS - Family Erebidae, Subfamily Hypeninae
Baltimore Moth
Baltimore Snout
Hypena baltimoralis #8442
Natural Bridge
White-Lined Snout
Hypena abalienalis #8445
Ohio, 2016-8
Hosts: slippery elm
Deceptive Snout
Hypena deceptalis #8446
Natural Bridge, 2016-7
Hosts: Basswood
Green Cloverworm
Hypena scraba #8465
Lexington, KY, 2016
Hosts: strawberry, clover
UNDERWINGS< ZALES & OWLETS - Family Erebidae, Subfamily Erebinae
Common Oak Moth
Phoberia atomaris #8591
Natural Bridge, 2011
Hosts: oak
Lunate Zale
Zale lunata #8689
Floracliff, 2015-7
Hosts: trees and shrubs
Locust Underwing
Euparthenos nubils #8719
Ohio, 2016-8
Hosts: black locust
False Underwing
Alllotria elonympha #8721
Floracliff, 2016-7
Hosts: black gum, hickory, walnut
Maple Looper Moth
Parallelia bistriaris #8727
??, 2016-7
Hosts: maple, birch, walnut
The Betrothed
Catocala innubens #8770
Floracliff, 2016-7
Hosts: honey locust
Tearful Underwing
Catocala lacrymosa #8794
Lexington, KY, 2016
Hosts: hickory
Clouded Underwing
Catocala nebulosa #8796
Lexington, KY
Ilia Underwing
Catocala ilia #8801
??, 2016
Hosts: oak
The Sweetheart
Catocala amatrix #8834
Lexington, KY
Magdalen Underwing
Catocala ilecta #8840
Hosts: honey locust, lead plant
EULEPIDOTINE OWLETS - Family Erebidae, Subfamily Eulepidotinae
Red-Lined Panopoda
Panopoda rufimargo #8587
Floracliff, -7
Hosts: oak and beech
Brown Panapoda
Panapoda carneicosta #8588
, 2016-7
Hosts: oak, willow, hickory
LOOPERS - Family Noctuidae, Subfamily Plusiinae
Pink-Patched Looper
Psudeva purpurigera #8899
Natural Bridge
BAILEYAS & NYCTEOLAS - Family Noctuidae, Subfamilies Risobinae & Chloephorinae
Small Baileya
Baileya australis #8973
Natural Bridge, 2012-7
Eyed Baileya
Baileya ophthalmica #8970
Natural Bridge, -5
Hosts: beech, hornbeam
GROUNDLINGS - Family Noctuidae, Subfamily Condicinae
Green Leuconycta
Leuconycta diphteroides #9065
??, 2016
Hosts: goldenrod, aster
BIRD-DROPPING MOTH - Family Noctuidae, Subfamily Acontiinae
Bird-Dropping Moth
Hosts: ragweed, hollyhock
PANTHEAS & YELLOWHORNS - Family Noctuidae, Subfamily Pantheinae
Black Zigzag
Panthea acronyctoides 9177 #9177
Natural Bridge, 2012-8
Hosts: pine, hemlock
DAGGERS - Family Noctuidae, Subfamily Acronictinae
Nondescript Dagger
Acronicta spinigera #9235
Lexington, KY, 2016-5
Hosts: cherry, birch, elm
Great Oak Dagger
Acronicta lobeliae #9238
Floracliff, 2016-7
Hosts: oak
Ovate Dagger
Acronicta ovata #9243
Ohio, ????-8
Hosts: oak, beech, chestnut
Small Oak Dagger
Acronicta increta #9249
Lexington, KY, 2016-5
Hosts: oak, chestnut
Yellow-Haired Dagger
Acronicta impleta #9257
Lexington, KY, 2016-5
Hosts: maple, ash, hickory
Green Marvel
Agriopodes #9281
Natural Bridge
The Hebrew
Polygrammate hebraeicum #9285
Floracliff, -7
Hosts: black gum
Harris's Three-Spot
Harrisimemna trisignata #9286
Ohio, 2016-8
Hosts: honeysuckle, willow, cherry
WOOD-NYMPHS AND FORESTERS - Family Noctuidae, Subfamily Agaristinae
Beautiful Wood-Nymph
Eudryras Grata #9301
Natural Bridge
Eight-Spotted Forrester
93-1979 #9314
Lexington, KY
PHOSPHILAS & ARMYWORMS - Family Noctuidae, Subfamily Noctuinae
Yellow-Striped Armyworm
Spodoptera ornithogali #9669
Lexington, KY, 2012-7
Hosts: low plants (a pest)?
SMALL ARCHES & SUMMER QUAKERS - Family Noctuidae, Subfamily Noctuinae
Bristly Cutworm
Lacinipolia renigera #10397
Lexington, KY, 2016-5
Hosts: alfalfa, dandelion
Laudable Arches
Lacinipolia laudabilis #10411
Lexington, KY, 2016-8
Hosts: dandelion
DARTS - Family Noctuidae, Subfamily Noctuinae
Ipsilon Dart
Agrotis ipsilon #10663
Lexington, KY, 2016
Hosts: low plants & crops
Green Cutworm
Anicia infecta #10911
Hosts: clover, grasses
Greater Black-Letter Dart
Xestia dolosa #10942.1
Lexington, KY, 2016-5
Hosts: low plants & crops
Greater Red Dart
Abagrotis alternata #11029
????, 2016
Hosts: trees and low plants
GLYPHS - Family Noctuidae, Subfamilies Bagisarinae and Eustrotiinae
Black-bordered Lemon moth
Black-bordered Lemon
Marimatha nigrofimbria #????
Lexington, KY


  • Lexington, KY – moths in our backyard in Fayette County, KY
  • Natural Bridge – Natural Bridge State Park, Slade, KY Powell County
  • Floracliff – Nature Sanctuary in southern Fayette County, KY
  • Mothapalooza – Shawnee Lodge and Conference Center, Portsmouth, OH, Adams County

Additional moth resources:

  • National Moth Week – designated worldwide the last full week of July, this event encourages “moth‑ers” of all ages and abilities to learn about, observe, and document moths in their backyards, parks, and neighborhoods.
  • Mothapalooza (Facebook page) – annual conference in southern Ohio celebrating the rich and stunningly beautiful world of moths.