Butterfly Playing Cards

With help from my artistic friend, Amanda J. Cawby, I have created a set of butterfly playing cards that I hope will combine learning and fun. I would like to encourage kids of all ages to learn to identify and appreciate our native butterflies.

When I know the name of a plant, bird, butterfly, etc., I’m more likely to notice it and connect with it in a different way. There’s a big difference for me between “there goes a big orange butterfly” and “there goes a monarch!”

This deck of cards contains 22 pairs of common Kentucky butterflies that I have photographed in our backyard in Lexington, Kentucky. These butterflies can also be found in most of the eastern United States. The cards are packaged in a clear plastic case, and come with tips for how you can help butterflies, and directions for playing games like “Go Fish,”  Monarch (similar to “Old Maid”), and Memory/Concentration. They can also be used as flash cards.

These cards make great stocking stuffers or birthday gifts for grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or friends. I like to think of adults using these cards with children as one way to encourage them to enjoy nature and being outdoors.

Cards are $15 per set (includes taxes and shipping). To order, please contact me.