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I recently created a small picture book. As the subject of half of my previous blogs, you can see how enthused I am about butterflies. The book is a way to share my enjoyment with others. You can preview it on Blurb and order a copy if you like.

This paperback book follows a monarch butterfly from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis and finally to adult butterfly. I’ve used simple words and photographs, and hope the book will appeal to young children as well as adults.

I wouldn’t have had this experience without common milkweed in our backyard. It’s yet another reason I’m glad we landscaped with native plants.

6 thoughts on “Monarch book”

  1. wonderful book – I plan to purchase it for my granddaughter. I also raise and release butterflies including monarchs, zebras, spicebush, buckeyes, red admiral, variegated fritillary and eastern black swallowtail. I have also spotted a giant swallowtail on my rue this summer that layed several eggs which I tried to observe – unfortunately an accident to my butterfly hut destroyed them ; ( By the way….do you have a problem with aphids? That’s my biggest problem right now – how to deal with them without harming the cats.

    1. Hope your granddaughter likes the book. Glad to hear of all the butterflies you are raising. You are far ahead of me. As to aphids, I haven’t had a big problem. Mostly on milkweeds. Can usually ignore, wash them off with water, or squash with my fingers!

  2. when I tried to purchase the book direct from you I was unsuccessful – could you please provide ordering info to my email address? thanks!

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