March happenings

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I’m seeing several signs of spring in the backyard. Most of them are small with varying shapes and colors.

Here are a few of the sights I found recently.

Kentucky backyard in March

From the top, left to right: Dogwood buds beginning to open (Cornus florida), Rue Anemone blossom (Anemonella thalictroides), buds of Redbud tree (Cercis canadensis), Hepatica blossom (Hepatica acutiloba), Ragwort buds (Senecio), tiny Gooseberry leaves (Ribes missouriense), Sessile Trillium bud (Trillium sessile), and Red Maple seeds (Acer rubrum).

I’m looking forward to seeing my first butterfly of the season, and I’ve had one report of a swallowtail in the Red River Gorge. So far, the only insects I’ve seen were small flies and honey bees.

I look forward to watching new developments, and I’d be glad to hear what signs of spring you are seeing.

10 thoughts on “March happenings”

  1. Neat pictures, Betty. I chased my first butterflies yesterday across my backyard and along the 18th fairway of the Marriott golf course. Saw three at different times. All white. Never got close enough to ID. My dog must’ve thought I’d lost my mind (again). 🙂

    1. Steve, I’d love to have a video of your chase. Yours is my first report of a butterfly in Lexington. and I’m guessing they were cabbage butterflies. We saw an angle wing (comma or question mark) at Natural Bridge State Park on Sunday. I caught a glimpse of orange and brown in our backyard today and suspect, that, too, was an angle wing but can’t be sure. I know they overwinter and have seen them this time of year before. Sounds like the fun has begun.

  2. There’s nothing quite so spectacular as the beginnings of spring ; ) My dogwood is also getting ready to blossom hre in Virginia and, much to my delight last weekend, I discovered that, the paw paw tree I planted last year has at least 5 flower buds – I’ve read that is where the fruit eventually develops. Had lots of zebra swallowtail cats from that paw paw tree last year. My Virginia Blue Bell has poked it’s short lived head thru the soil as well as Solomon Seal, Bleeding Heart and (of course) the bee balm (one of my favorites) among many many others. We ‘have’ seen our first b-fly of the season – a tiger swallowtail ; ) and have several over-wintering.

    1. Christine, glad to know you are enjoying the beginnings of spring in Virginia. I could be envious of your pawpaw tree. I think the flower is quite exotic, I like the fruit, and would enjoy providing habitat for zebra swallowtail caterpillars. Congrats on the tiger swallowtail sighting and I hope the overwintering chrysalises emerge successfully.

  3. Betty — Loved seeing these signs of spring! The tight dogwood buds always make me think of little fairy fists. In my yard I am enjoying the first spring beauties and a nice cluster of pale pink trout lilies under the shagbark hickory. Yesterday I picked a vaseful of daffodils ahead of the rain.

    1. Patsy, the idea of dogwood buds as fairy fists? I would never have thought of it but I like it. I enjoy spring beauties or trout lilies but don’t have either of them. May have to remedy that. And I, too, am enjoying bright daffodil blooms both inside and out. Thanks for sharing

  4. Love Patsy’s “fairy fists” (she has the heart of a poet) as much as I love the dogwood’s bloom. Both speak to me of home.

  5. Nice compliment, Beth—you made my day! We’ve lived in our 1920s-era bungalow since 1985. And some years before that, I’ve been told that a botanist who worked at UK lived here. I don’t know if he planted our trout lilies or not. Our front yard is covered with spring beauties, and we always wait to mow it until after they’ve had their show. Does anyone remember when, years ago, author Guy Davenport wrote a letter to the Lex. paper protesting about mowers at the Ashland Estate cutting the spring beauties?! A man with admirable priorities … Sorry for the wordy post–got carried away!

    1. No need to apologize Patsy. Your comments are always appreciated and I’m glad you aren’t mowing your spring beauties. And mucho gracias for mentioning my blog to Sharon Lovejoy.

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