Lunar eclipse

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I have no desire to travel to the moon. However, I thoroughly enjoy watching its phases with my feet planted firmly on the earth. This was my view of the eclipse this morning – October 8, 2014 at 6:45 a.m. Eastern time.

Partial eclipse of moon

It was a total eclipse about ten minutes later, but by then it had disappeared over our neighbors’ house.

The concept of the earth passing between the sun and the moon, and me being able to see the earth’s shadow, is almost more than I can grasp. However, I was glad for clear skies, pleasant weather, and a chance to observe another special celestial event.

My mother, who died nineteen years ago today, enjoyed watching the night sky and would have appreciated this sight. I’m very grateful that she shared her love of nature with me; it’s been a big influence in my life.

6 thoughts on “Lunar eclipse”

  1. Hello Betty,
    Oh, what a wonderful sight! Sadly, over here in the U.K. it was a sight we were
    not able to witness, so to see your amazing photo is the next best thing!
    Wow! what a magnificent spectacle, and what a beautiful colour. Thank you so much
    for sharing this awesome sight with us, God bless you.

    1. Sorry, Pauline, that you couldn’t see the eclipse. Hope you can see the next one. We had storms the night before and were lucky that the skies were clear by morning.

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