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The butterflies and I have made the news. Susan Smith-Durisek, who writes a weekly garden column for our local newspaper, recently asked for information about raising butterflies. Her well-written article was published this past weekend along with photos by Charles Bertram.

Betty Hall and buttefly cage
Photo by Charles Bertram

I appreciate Susan’s article and I hope it encourages more people to explore and learn about butterflies and native plants.

8 thoughts on “Lexington Herald-Leader article”

  1. Betty– I read this article when it came out and had been meaning to comment. Yes, it was very well done, and CB’s photos are great, but I wish they had published at least one of YOUR wonderful photos, too!
    I liked your recent picture of the trumpet honeysuckle.
    I have one in my yard, too; sometimes in May I see the Common Yellowthroat warbler there–eating aphids for lunch, I think … ~Patsy

  2. Super neat! I forwarded the article to some others who either have young ones who might be interested in
    trying to raise or those who might want to try planting
    that which would attract a variety of butterfles.

  3. Wonderful article!!! Thank you for giving me a heads up on that. I still say you are an amazing lady.

    My 2 Spicebush caterpillars have done well. I was surprised to see one turned bright yellow before making it’s chrysalisis. The 2nd. one is now a dull yellow, has stuck itself to the container and stayed that way for 2 days; humm..??

    I have MANY MANY hummingbirds the past 3 days…probably the babies? Needing to keep that food fresh and clear! I love it!

    1. Thanks, David. Celebrity? I think that’s stretching it. If the article encourages folks to be more aware of butterflies then I’m pleased.

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