Hummingbird at Royal Catchfly

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I like bright red blossoms and so do Ruby-throated hummingbirds (Archilochus coloubris). We are frequently seeing these tiny birds at the Royal Catchfly (Silene regia) blossoms. I wanted to get a photograph, and with camera in hand, I chose this spot to wait and hope.

Royal Catchfly and Midsummer Blooms

Before too long, a hummingbird appeared. It took several tries, but I eventually captured this image.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird at Royal Catchfly

We thoroughly enjoy having these tiny, fast-moving birds in the backyard. They are one of our favorite summer residents and fun to have around, even if they are a challenge to photograph!

6 thoughts on “Hummingbird at Royal Catchfly”

  1. Beautiful! I keep waiting for the jewel weed to produce blooms in earnest which the hummingbirds seem to perfer over my current offering in the red feeder. They keep checking that out and buzzing off in hopes of finding something more to their liking. One hovered almost nose-to-nose with me yesterday like he was begging which makes me wonder if my prepared elixer has begun to ferment and the patrons are “on the wagon.” Guess I
    need to get off line and go prepare some fresh refreshments. 🙂

    1. Beth, I no longer put out hummingbird feeders and am glad they find our red blossoms. I hope your jewel weeds start blooming soon and the hummingbirds continue to visit regularly. I like the the thought of you and a humming bird nose-to-nose, though that could be a bit scary!

  2. Oh Betty, i am as “green” ( as that beautiful hummingbird ) with envy!!
    What a delight to have these tiny birds visit your backyard in the summer months.
    Well done for your patience, and being rewarded with a terrific shot.
    And what a striking plant the Royal Catchfly is, wonderful rich colour, and such a profusion of blooms! Can i see some Phlox Paniculata in the background of the first

    1. Thanks, Pauline. And yes, your are correct, there is Phlox paniculata in the background of the first photo.

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