Honey locust moth caterpillar

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honey locust moth caterpillar

How’s this for a live, miniature, two-inch dragon? This honey locust moth caterpillar, Sphingicampa bicolor, certainly reminds me of one.

My good friend and native plant landscaper, Connie May (ChrysalisNaturalLandscapes.com) likes caterpillars. She has a knack for finding them, and is glad to give them to me to raise. She saw this one up high and even climbed a ladder to collect it.

Connie identified this speciman using Caterpillars of Eastern North America by David L. Wagner, an excellent resource for anyone interested in caterpillars. I’m supplying it with fresh honey locust leaves. It also feeds on Kentucky coffee trees.

I think of moths as mysterious creatures of the night and this caterpillar is a fun way to learn more about them.

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