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Yes, this is the name of a native Kentucky shrub.  Other names include hearts-a-bursting with love, and strawberry-bush (Euonymus americanus).

hearts-a-burstin, strawberry-bush (euonymus americanus)

Our 4 ft. shrub has proven to be hardy, growing underneath a large pine tree in dry, shady conditions.

It’s quite showy this time of year when the prickly-looking magenta pods break open to display the bright red-orange seeds and is another of my favorite plants.

This week I welcome three new subscribers. It’s encouraging to know others share my interests, and I appreciate your comments and questions.

8 thoughts on “Hearts-a-burstin’”

  1. Hi Betty~I have never seen this shrub…love the color. Do birds eat the seeds?

    Glad I found your blog, it is indeed encouraging to share!

    1. Ellen, I haven’t seen birds eating the seeds and that’s partly because of the shrub’s location. The seeds do disappear and according to what I read, birds and small mammals (such as chipmunks?) like them. Thanks for asking.

  2. thanks for sharing the shrub info – I’m going to see if I can find one ; ) I’m always looking for new and different looking plants to add to my yard.

  3. What a beautiful shot of this lovely plant. Our mutual friend Ann B pointed me in your direction. I live in ON Canada and while your Euonymus americanus is not hardy up here, Ann helped me find other varieties that are. Your web site photographs are beautiful and very inspiring.

    1. Glad to hear from you, Marsha, and thanks for the feedback. Aren’t we lucky to have Ann as a mutual friend? Hope you enjoy your Euonymus in Ontario as much as I enjoy mine.

  4. Betty,
    I have always wanted to grow strawberry bush. Thanks for reminding me! I love your photo. I will put this bush in an area of my yard that I am re-doing this year. Keep up your great blog! Jane

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