Extreme cold in Kentucky

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The arctic vortex reached Lexington last week and our temperatures hovered around 0°F (-15°C) for several days – our coldest temperatures in a decade. The main part of our water feature was covered with ice and snow, an unusual happening.

Snow Coverered Water Feature

I was curious about the bumps on top of the snow, and went out with the camera for a (brief) closer look. I was delighted to discover these intricate ice crystals. I’ve never seen anything like this before, and I’m guessing they were a product of the extremely cold temperatures.

Ice Crystals

The water continued to flow under the ice, and these Mourning Doves (Zenaida macroura) and other birds found an opening big enough to get a drink. However, I didn’t notice any attempts to bathe!

Two Doves

I’m glad to say our temperatures are now well above freezing, and the snow and ice are gone – for now. I have no doubt we still have plenty of winter ahead. Nevertheless, our longer afternoon light is a nice reminder that the cold will not last forever.

5 thoughts on “Extreme cold in Kentucky”

  1. Maybe the cold killed off some fleas and chiggers? In that case, I’m all for it. I do worry about the birds and other wild creatures, though. Nice to get back to warmer temps, for sure.

  2. What beautiful photographs from your Backyard, Winter collection.
    I must now pass on all this info to my Twin sister ( Twinnie Annie) as she is the
    better photographer and i know she will really enjoy viewing all your wonderful photos.

    1. Glad to hear from you, Pauline. Lucky you, to have a twin sister. It’s great to hear from you on Jersey Island in the Channel Islands, U.K. Hope your winter not quite as cold and snowy as ours.

  3. Betty, This is absolutely beautiful winter Pictures!! Oh how I wished I could get out and discover some of the beauties of this winter. I think my husband is going to assist on Sunday to get out and take some winter pictures, before it turns extremely cold again. As always, Betty, thanks for sharing your beautiful Art Work!!

    1. Carol, glad to hear from you. Hope you are able to get out to get some fresh air and to play with your camera.

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