Early blooms and buds

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I’m having great fun checking the backyard for spring flowers. The blooms and buds are small and there aren’t many of them. However it’s quite obvious that spring is springing!  Here’s a sampling of what I’ve found so far.

Collage of early spring flowers in our backyard

The buds are beautiful on their own, and I enjoy watching them open into blooms. I’m delighted to watch the ‘plant parade’ once again, and I hope you’re enjoying some signs of spring also.

P.S. I’ve recently created photo galleries of pollinators and moths on my website, and added new images to other galleries. I’d be glad for you to check them out.

5 thoughts on “Early blooms and buds”

  1. You are so awesome, Ms. Betty! It gives me a thrill everytime I receive an email from you because I know there will be some magnificent photos! Bless your heart for your love of nature and your camera talent.

  2. Once again Betty, you have delighted us with such wonderful photos of some truly beautiful blooms and buds!
    What gorgeous colours they are, and i agree entirely with Phyllis Mattox’s comments……. God bless you indeed!

  3. Your photography is always a delight to view!! Betty, I love your beautiful garden, I love spring. Hope you are doing well. As always, thank you for sharing, I always smile when I receive email from you.

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