Domineering Mockingbird

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I enjoy mockingbirds – especially their singing. However, this past week I was not happy with the one pictured above.  It decided to take over the yard as its personal domain. For three days it chased all other birds from the feeders and wouldn’t even let them get close.

We finally used my homemade peanut butter suet, one of its favorite foods, to entice it into a live trap. Harry released it at the Lexington Arboretum. So far, the mockingbird hasn’t come back and the birds are at the feeders again. The male cardinals are also acting a bit territorial recently and I’m wondering if these are signs that spring is on the way.

One thought on “Domineering Mockingbird”

  1. Love the new blog alert and the mockingbird account which re-awakened childhood memories of living with
    a pair that nested in the evergreens that surrounded our front porch when we lived above Galloway. We had a 25 lb tom cat that they kept at bay by conducting systematic dive bombing raids. We didn’t put out bird food but, as I remember, they were the only birds living close enough to the house to give me the youthful illusion of friendship.

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