Change of focus

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I recently posted this notice on my note card rack at Good Foods.

Good Food NoticeI’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing my photographs as note cards over the last 12 years, and the response has been rewarding. However, as I approach my 80th year, I’m choosing to focus on other things. I will no longer be selling note cards at Good Foods or through my website. I do plan to continue posting my photos on this blog.

I sincerely appreciate everyone who bought cards and shared them. It’s good to know others enjoy the wonders of nature too.

4 thoughts on “Change of focus”

  1. I’ve enjoyed using your cards for years. I have favorites. The milkweed pod comes to mind right away. Well, change is good. You’re just making room for something new and wonderful to happen!

  2. Dear Betty,
    Our note card racks have kept each other company at Good Foods since 2006 and, wouldn’t you know, today I walked by, saw your announcement and felt rather sad. Capturing nature’s beauty in your special way–a grand butterfly, a colorful fall scene, a bubble with a reflection–you will be missed, my neighbor! Your cards have educated (e.g., varieties of butterflies) and delighted your buyers and recipients for years (and I have enjoyed, bought, and sent them, too–recently a fall scene to a friend in Japan). Glad you will keep showing your work on your website, though I will miss seeing them at the Co Op. Best wishes to you!

    1. Thanks for your gracious email, Linda, and best wishes to you, also. Your cards are works of art and I always enjoy seeing your latest creations. It’s good to know that you, Janet James, and Graviss Studios will continue to offer locally created cards at Good Foods.

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