Celandine Poppy – Easter 2010

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Celandine poppy flower

This was a bright spot of yellow in the backyard on Easter Sunday.  It was the first blossom of the celandine poppy or wood poppy (Stylophorum diphyllum) which is one of my favorite backyard plants.  I can usually count on lots of bright yellow blossoms in April.  If I remove the old flowers, I will likely have blooms until late summer.  It’s a hardy plant, and it grows in dry shade.  In addition, I like the texture of its foliage.

The poppy is the brightest spot in the shade garden right now, but other blossoms include sessile trillium, Dutchman’s britches, anemones, Virginia bluebells, wild ginger, and bellworts.  I enjoyed finding these these same flowers blooming abundantly in the woods this past weekend, and it was nice to come home and see them in my own backyard.

One thought on “Celandine Poppy – Easter 2010”

  1. All I’ve got to say is “Keep removing the old flowers so these beautiful gold coins of treasure will stay around as long as possible!”

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