Magical frost flowers – again

It was just slightly below freezing this past week, and I didn’t think the temperature was quite cold enough for “frost flowers” (ice formations). However, I looked out the window and saw something white. I immediately headed for the backyard, and sure enough, there they were.

Fost flowers backlit by sun Continue reading “Magical frost flowers – again”

November backyard with snow

What a difference a week has made! It seems our autumn has suddenly turned to winter. The red maple (Acer rubrum) leaves, back lit by the morning sun, look much the same as last week. However, an inch of snow has given the garden an entirely different look.

Red maple leaves and snow

I ventured out long enough to get this photograph. Since our outside temperature was 15° F, I was soon glad to enjoy the view from inside.

It’s still autumn. Can we hope for some mild November days? Or is this the beginning of a long, hard winter? Only time will tell.