Exciting backyard visitors

It was extra special last week to see a bright splash of blue in the backyard and to realize it was a male Indigo Bunting (Passerina cyanea). It’s a new member of our backyard bird list that we’ve kept since replanting the backyard with native plants in 2006. We’re now up to 66 different species.

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Gold in the Garden

When I saw these crocuses blooming on the 3rd day of February, I felt like I had discovered nuggets of gold. I’ve never before had garden flowers this early.

Yellow crocuses
I’m amazed that something that appears so delicate can survive our below-freezing temperatures, but they seem to take the cold in stride. The blossoms close tightly at night, but open and seem to glow on sunny afternoons. Thanks be for nature’s February gold!

Magical frost flowers – again

It was just slightly below freezing this past week, and I didn’t think the temperature was quite cold enough for “frost flowers” (ice formations). However, I looked out the window and saw something white. I immediately headed for the backyard, and sure enough, there they were.

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A prairie with many a blossom

My friend, Jannine, and  I recently enjoyed the Midwest Native Plant Conference at Dayton, Ohio. I learned a lot from presenters and other attendees. The conference concluded with field trips, and Jannine and I chose the 112-acre Huffman Prairie which is located on the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. I had hoped for blossoms and was not disappointed.

Huffman Prairie - Dayton,Ohio

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