Are you seeing any early pollinators?

Spring is finally arriving in Kentucky! My crocuses and daffodils are creating scattered colorful bouquets, and the pussy willow blooms are soft and fuzzy. I’ve been watching for early pollinators, but so far  without success.

I have discovered ants in some of the crocus blooms. From what I read, they are really after nectar and do little if any pollinating. 

I wonder where this ant spent the cold winter months. How did it find its way into this relatively ‘big’ crocus bloom? Does it take some of the nectar ‘home’ to share? 

I’m glad to see signs of spring, and my search for pollinators will continue.

A cute spider?

Yes, I think it’s ‘cute’. I first saw it about a week ago on the back of a dining room chair and again today on our kitchen cabinet. It’s a zebra spider (Salticus scenicus) and is quite small (about ½ inch). According to Wikipedia, they are common throughout the Northern hemisphere and are often found near humans – in dwellings or gardens.

Cute fuzzy zebra spider

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A queen in the backyard!

I like bumble bees. Their fuzzy bodies remind me of miniature teddy bear, and they move slowly enough that I can easily watch them. I was thrilled recently to see this large bumble bee visiting one of our daffodil blossoms. I suspected it was a queen, since I’ve learned that only fertilized queen bumble bees hibernate and survive the winter. They are the first to appear in spring as they prepare to establish a new colony.

Two-spotted Bumble Bee Visiting a Daffodil

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