Cardinals and more cardinals

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Our backyard birds are good winter entertainment. We have a table in front of a window that overlooks the backyard, and we often enjoy watching the birds as we eat. The number and variety of birds we see varies. However, we can almost always expect some cardinals (Cardinalis cardinalis) will come to feed late in the day. Recently, about 6 p.m., this was the scene.

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Backyard Cardinals and Snow

This was more birds than usual, however on this particular evening we were surprised as even more cardinals continued to arrive. The birds moved around a lot and it was hard to count them. There were at least 20, and more than we have seen before.

More Backyard Cardinals and Snow

I’m amazed that birds can survive winter temperatures, and I often wonder where they spend the night. Its always enjoyable to watch them, and good to think our bird feed (safflower and sunflower seeds) helps them survive winter’s cold.

11 thoughts on “Cardinals and more cardinals”

  1. Cardinal cardinal cardinal cardinal…mourning dove! …cardinal cardinal cardinal. What a feast for the eyes. Thanks, Betty.

  2. Betty, your photos are beautiful. Here in New Zealand we are in the midst of summer, so as I can’t tolerate the heat, I love to look at these photos. Thank you so much for the opportunity to see your lovely photos each week.

    1. Nola, what a nice surprise to hear from New Zealand. Actually, we could use a little of your heat right now. Our temperature is currently 4 degrees F, (-15 C) with some wind and not much change predicted for at least 24 hours. Wish we could trade some of our cold for some of your heat!

  3. Wow, they’re like Christmas decorations! I read once that birds stay warm by shivering. That takes a lot of energy and warms them up.

  4. Cardinals have always been one of my favorites. I also feed them but must use feeders that try to deter squirrels….I know they have to eat also but they are a problem here so can’t set out open trays of seed.

    I’ve read that birds tend to sleep/rest in the habitats that they frequent during the day, i.e., dense shrubs, trees etc. Interesting is that birds that frequent water will actually sleep standing in the water ; ).

    Always enjoy your posts Betty! 17 degrees here in Virginia Beach!

    1. Christine, the squirrels are also a challenge for us. They seem to never get full. I appreciate your comments on birds staying near their daytime habitats. And we have been told that sandhill cranes sleep standing in water. Don’t think I’ll try that.

      I’m wondering if 17 degrees is as unusual for you as zero is for us. Do hope the butterfly eggs, caterpillars, chrysalises, and cocoons can survive.

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