Butterfly playing cards – fun and educational

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With help from my artistic friend, Amanda J. Cawby, I have created a set of butterfly playing cards that I hope will combine learning and fun. I would like to encourage kids of all ages to learn to identify and appreciate our native butterflies.

When I know the name of a plant, bird, butterfly, etc., I’m more likely to notice it and connect with it in a different way. There’s a big difference for me between “there goes a big orange butterfly” and “there goes a monarch!”

This deck of cards contains 22 pairs of common Kentucky butterflies that I have photographed in our backyard in Lexington, Kentucky. These butterflies can also be found in most of the eastern United States. The cards are packaged in a clear plastic case, and come with tips for how you can help butterflies, and directions for playing games like “Go Fish,”  Monarch (similar to “Old Maid”), and Memory/Concentration. They can also be used as flash cards.

Butterfly card game graphic

To order, please send your name, address, and phone number, with a check for $15 per set (includes taxes and shipping) to:

Betty Hall Photography
224 Leawood Dr.
Lexington, KY 40502

As of November 1, cards will also be available at Good Foods Market and Café, 455 Southland Dr. in Lexington.  

These cards make great stocking stuffers or birthday gifts for grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or friends. I like to think of adults using these cards with children as one way to encourage them to enjoy nature and being outdoors.

14 thoughts on “Butterfly playing cards – fun and educational”

  1. My check is in the mail. Can’t wait to give these to Jackson for his birthday! I got a pack of bug playing cards at a ranger station while on the way to a river trip and had a great hour or so with him on my lap ‘playing’ with those when he was visiting a few weeks ago. For 4 years old he was exceptionally good at getting the right answers for the challenge questions after we’d read through the cards – although I may be biased, haha. What a great idea, Betty, I can’t wait to get these!

    1. Keli, I’d say Jackson is a lucky 4-year old to have an adult that is encouraging his interest in bugs. I’ll be glad to hear how how his interest in butterflies compares with his interest in bugs!

      1. I think his interest in butterflies is good, as last year he sent his grandparents in South Carlina some caterpillars so they could watch them hatch along with his own at home in Oregon and then they set the butterflies free at the same time from different states. And I sure enjoyed playing the bug card game with him. He was really absorbed in the whole thing and that was fun to participate in. I think he will really love the butterfly card game.

      2. Keli, what a neat idea – grandchild in Oregon sending grandparents in South Carolina caterpillars and all of them observing what is happening at the same time. Thanks for sharing. Again, wish all children had such encouragement.

    1. Judy, I’m delighted that my butterfly mentor and guru is going to check these out. I’ll appreciate any ideas or suggestions you might have.

      1. Thank you, Judy. I will be glad to get your check and I much appreciate you helping to spread the word.

  2. Betty, what a fantastic idea!!! Always looking for indoor nature-related games for children’s programs on rainy days – you need to branch out and do sets for the rest of the country, put me down for your first order for New England Butterflies!

    Love your Kentucky habitat garden photos…thank you for sharing the beauty that surrounds us when we able to tune in and appreciate it!

    1. Ellen, glad you like the idea and I agree that ideally there would be different sets for different regions. I’m still concentrating on Kentucky butterflies. However, given your knowledge and experience, I pass the torch to you to do the New England butterflies. Then maybe someone else will take it from there?

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