Blueberries in bloom

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The blueberries (Vaccinium spp.) are in full bloom. It’s been fun to watch small insects visit the attractive bell-shaped flowers.

vaccinium spp.

I assume the insects are interested in nectar and pollen, and in return are pollinating the blooms so that by June there will be blueberries.

vaccinium spp.

I enjoy eating a few of the berries, but I’m happy to let the birds have most of them. I also enjoy the rich, colorful foliage in the late fall, as in this mid-November photo.

vaccinium foliage

Blueberries are also host plants (caterpillar food) for two common Kentucky butterflies, the spring azure (Celestrina ladon) and Henry’s elfin (Callophrys henrici) as well as several small moths.

These shrubs are hardy and can grow in full sun or shade, but will have more blooms and berries with some sun. They can be pruned to any desired height, and can even be used as a hedge. Blueberries prefer acid soil and I try to remember to add some Miracid or Holly-tone in the spring and fall.

I enjoy my blueberry bushes spring, summer, and fall and heartily recommend them for landscaping.

PS Thanks to my webmaster, Brian Hall, I’m trying out a new blog format. I’d be glad for any feedback.

4 thoughts on “Blueberries in bloom”

  1. Hi Betty! I also live in Lexington, am interested in native plants and love reading your blog. You have such interesting posts. The new blog format is nice!

    1. Retta, glad to hear of your interest in native plants. They have certainly added a lot of interest to our backyard. Thanks much for your comments on the blog and the new format.

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